Coming Soon…

She is crouching in the corner like a feral animal, bearing her teeth and panting wildly. Her panicked eyes are deserted and void. He approaches her cautiously. Still, he is startled when she lurches forward aggressively, with eyes wide in terror. Then she screams a sub-human scream. He steps back, at first in reaction to her untamed outburst, and again to give himself room to pace and think. Given their short history, Jacob cannot bring himself to speak any gentle or comforting words to her. She had offered him nothing but contempt since they first met, and he feels no shame in failing to console her now.

One thought on “Coming Soon…

  1. Oh! This sounds very intriguing! I had just decided to check out the Barimen Legacy facebook page, to see if there were any updates (either sims related, or real life related), and I saw this link, so I automatically had to see what this was. Even though you technically haven’t started, I’m going to click the follow button. I’m always down for an interesting story, and I think that you are an awesome writer. Plus I want to see how the Zoxell flavor of morality and virtue plays out.

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